Grace and Peace,

Hello lovies, and Welcome

I have been postponing this for the longest time now, so late last year I decided that this year, 2018  would be the year I step out my “couch-potato” mode and really serve God in my capacity as a creative. As you have already gathered; I am a lover of God an expression of His love. I am totally smitten…

A bit about myself perhaps… before we jump into all the exciting stuff

My names are Tidimalo Mokhokho, I go by “Tidi” or 1st Daughter. I am a 27 year old  Theology and Ministry student at the Assembly Bible College, Tlokweng Botswana. I was born and partially raised in Jwaneng. I am currently based in Tlokweng- Gaborone.  I have three “hunky” brothers, one is older and the other two think they are older than I. My parents are also devoted Christians and raised us in the church. I can not express more how I love God and I am thoroughly devoted to His work.

Why have a decided to start a blog?

I  believe God is always waiting and ready to express Himself through us, in all capacities. As a young training pastor, and a novice writer, blogging is such great platform to allow the expression of God to flow out through me. So in this New Season, I believe there is a fresh anointing for His* expression.

I trust you will enjoy reading through my future posts as we learn and grow in the word and mind of God…

Much Lovies,

1st Daughter,



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